Ksolves: Promising to be Omnipresent throughout the CRM Journey

Ratan Srivastava, Founder& CEO,Sachin Ramdasi,
Director-Projects & Delivery

One can argue upon how much agile framework is limited to development alone. Added to it, why cannot the same agility, be applied in aspects of a business, including business development, HR, and Finance. These very questions led Ratan Srivastava to establish Ksolves. As an overall managed services provider, Ksolves has stationed their flag in various verticals, including Big Data implementation, cloud-based technologies like AWS and Salesforce cloud, Serverless application development, Hybrid and native mobile applications, Application architecture consulting, and Digital Marketing. Being a Salesforce ISV partner, Ksolves has performed some groundbreaking executions as an outsourced engineering partner for development of AppExchange applications for several USA based customers.

Since its inception, Ksolves has gathered a team of dedicated Salesforce certified developers, architects and analysts who understand the business need and develop robust, scalable applications for customers. Ksolves takes total responsibility for end to end lifecycle of its customer's product development. Applications and lightning components by Ksolves are listed on AppExchange which help the customers increase the productivity of Salesforce CRM and the lightning framework. This Salesforce partner has assisted customers in building applications that enhance the CRM experience via various applications like the customer success management, sales representative training, effective lead assignment rules, targeted knowledge cards, and lighting upgrades etc. Contrary to how Salesforce was earlier perceived as a stand-alone CRM product, integration with external services has also become popular among businesses. Ksolves possesses expertise in integrations with various external services like Birst BI, Conga Composer, Chargify, DocuSign, PandaDoc, SendGrid, and MailChimp etc.
Setting a Differentiating Factor
The delivery organization is maintained very flat in order to enable clients directly access each person working on a project. This exceptional approach, of which Ksolves takes pride, eliminates hierarchy led inefficiencies in two-way communication required for such fast-paced IT development modules.“Typically, SMEs are looking for cost-effective engineering partners without compromising on the quality of deliverables and we fit in this category very well. On top of this, extended support from our team always makes the difference”, adds Sachin Ramdasi, Director - Projects & Delivery, Ksolves.

The team at Ksolves has an extensive experience of numerous lifecycles involving developing and listing Applications and Lightning Components on AppExchange

Ksolves is a NASSCOM and ISO certified company and presently has a clientele encompassing the USA and few other geographies in Europe. “Ksolves works hard to keep both client and employee concurrently at center of its existence. This has served for Ksolves’force of motivation and working philosophy. This has also allowed the company to keep the attrition at single digits, which is a rarity for small Indian IT company. Moreover, employees in long term have been super profitable for Ksolves in retaining client specific knowledge, thereby fetching clients’ appreciation,” adds Ratan Srivastava, CEO and Founder, Ksolves.

To reiterate, the team at Ksolves has an extensive experience of numerous lifecycles involving developing and listing Applications and Lightning Components on AppExchange. Given the expertise in approach and technology interpretation of Ksolves, it is expected of the company to become a reliable and cost-effective engineering partner for all the requisites of Salesforce custom application development with highest quality of code and extended support from their dedicated team.