Stetig Consulting: Delivering Salesforce CRM Implementation Services through Process Consulting Approach

Ankur Priyardarshan, CEO & Founder

Choosing the right CRM application can be a challenging task for organizations, especially the ones with multiple departments. This is due to the incapability of single solution to solve all the problems of various departments. This is where the world’s number one CRM platform - Salesforce CRM comes to the aid of organizations by providing a single platform to meet all the needs of the businesses through its implementation.

However, implementing the CRM solution correctly is more important than just choosing the right one. Therefore, it requires a team of professional CRM consultants who comprehend the business dynamics and also understand how best a Salesforce CRM can be implemented for organizations to cater to their needs. This is where Pune based Stetig Consulting, with its Consulting, Implementation and Support for the world’s best CRM product – Salesforce CRM, comes to the aid of organizations that are looking for CRM implementation.

For a successful CRM implementation, it is important to constantly evaluate and plan the right implementation approach. To identify the right approach, resources and tools for the implementation, an assessment of the organi-zation’s CRM strategy, staffing, processes and technology is required.

“We approach each Salesforce implementation as an opportunity to orchestrate interlinked business processes, thereby adding efficiencies in the core business ops. As the Salesforce product family and feature set is continuously improving and expanding, we choose a combination of features and salesforce products whichcan best build a robust, scalable and interoperable layer of engagement for our customers,” affirms Ankur Priyardarshan, Founder & CEO, Stetig Consulting.
“Our Salesforce CRM consulting service is a combination of the technical implementation as well as a process consulting exercise. We take pride in our continuously evolving industry focused Salesforce accelerators that bring the best of best practices yet address the finest of nuances of an industry. Obviously, they enable us to deliver implementations super fast,” adds Nishant Garg, Co-Founder & COO, Stetig Consulting.

Process Consulting led Implementation approach
Usually, most of the CRM consulting companies request customers for the requirement specifications and commence the implementation process as per the requirements. Stetig does not follow this conventional approach; rather it performs each of its Salesforce implementations as a process consulting exercise and performs a detailed study about the customer’s business.

Stetig identifies the industry; does a comprehensive study about the industry; brings in the best consultants from the CRM industry; and creates solutions that are almost like templates for that particular industry; and finally implements the solution for its clients. This approach not only allows the solution to be implemented quickly but it also ensures that the best practices from across all companies from within that industry and also across industries is brought in to customers, facilitating customers to choose only what they require from the various options. On the whole, Stetig tries to find out how well it can solve the organizations’ problems with the implementation of their CRM solutions.

Nishant K Garg, COO & Co-Founder

So far the company has delivered over 200 Salesforce CRM implementations. Moving forward, the company is building industry specific marketing automation solutions using Pardot and Marketing Cloud products from Salesforce.