Dextara: Shifting The Paradigm Of Customer Experience With Salesforce Digital Ecosystem

CIO Vendor A customer experience transformation is taking place. It's radical, it's far-reaching, and customers are driving it. The digital age has transformed the way customers shop and share their experiences. Today, customers have started buying through websites, blogs, vlogs, and social platforms. When they enter a store or show-up in the sales funnel, they know what they want to buy and how much they want to pay. Managing customer relations has become imperative in this digital era. CRM solutions have catapulted the digitization efforts of businesses to an entirely new trajectory. Salesforce has significantly transformed the face of business relations.

Dextara is a premier provider of Salesforce services, helping firms provide their customers with a great Digital Xperience (DX). Team Dextara consistently delivers complex programs globally, besides building innumerable data-Centric & collaborative apps and deploying them at unprecedented speed, working remotely from its offices in the US, UK, and India. Dextara holds a team of highly experienced and certified Salesforce experts to support every facet of Salesforce implementation. They have a global enterprise experience to deliver differentiated value to their customers.

In an interview with CIO Review India, when we asked Sreekanth Lapala, CEO of Dextara Digital, as to how they helped clients with CRM solutioning during the pandemic? Sreekanth stated that 'Rapidly adapting to the change is the new norm for survival'.

With covid setting-up workforce back at home, sales have mostly taken a remote form. The sales workforce required to do less travel thereby posing a question of actual lead or possible lead. This is where a CRM or digital comes in. Automation has popped-up onto the top of the priority list for many CXOs. Marketing function gets automated so that there is an amount of lead generation that they can do. As a result, leads may be tracked and qualified without going through emails. These leads are then converted to real opportunities.

With Salesforce Customer 360, all business functions can connect with their customers across multiple channels and unify all the marketing, sales & customer service and any other processes to gain insights about customers and personalize the customer experience. With Dextara's CRM solutioning expertise, businesses of all sizes can customize and scale quickly as they grow.
Dextara works with clients matching their pace to ensure that the sales teams and management leverage Salesforce to pursue leads, manage accounts, track opportunities, resolve cases, manage partners and customers with all integrations built-in for continuous success.

To support the clients' business, Dextara comes-up with a unique set of specifications and optimizes the method to run Salesforce. The company does a comprehensive analysis of business requirements to harness the Salesforce' power with optional determination of configuration vs. customization and often seeks to maximize the cost-benefit ratio of implementing a Salesforce Solution.

Dextara team focuses on different industries such as Telco, High-Tech, Manufacturing, Real Estate, and BFSI implementing Sales, Service, Community, Revenue Cloud, Order Management, Einstein on Salesforce, Salesforce CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) as well as third party CPQ products such as Vlocity and Aptus. Dextara differentiates its excellence based on three P's­ People, Process, and Performance.

We are confident that our differentiated CPQ solution can transform the product management, sales, customer success, and finance teams and provide the ability to create an accurate digital storefront for the end customers

CPQ is a deep and vast subject, and one would need an immense amount of transformational experience to get CPQ implementations right the first time. Dextara has years of deep expertise in CPQ implementations. Dextara is also building the Next Generation CPQ solution. and in parallel, pursuing an ISV partnership with Salesforce to list its CPQ solution on App Exchange (App Exchange: Leading enterprise cloud marketplace). The vision for the Next Generation CPQ solution will fulfill the rapidly evolving digital buying experience needs from the B2B and B2C customers, which is not optimally delivered by the current generation CPQ products either because of Functionality, Performance, Usability, or Licensing Model.

“We are working relentlessly to list our product on AppExchange in 2022. We are confident that our differentiated CPQ solution can transform the Product Management, Sales, Customer Success, and Finance teams and provide the ability to create an accurate digital storefront for the end customers. Our actions articulate who we are; #Build>GREAT>,” said Sreekanth in his concluding remarks during the conversation with CIO Review India.